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You may have thought that calling Mac Help Desk, or any Help desk is a relatively new phenomenon. Think again! A recently discovered help desk log shows that people have needed companies like Mac Help Desk for hundreds of years. Helpdesk.wmv (5.5MB)

Winn's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Plug in your own numbers and see why Macs are far less expensive than PCs

The Best of the Worst Things You Do on your Mac

Scamming the Scammers - Could we string him along? Read the exploit here.

Technology is shifting away from Microsoft. Could this help Apple? Chick here

Is your identity safe? Check here for some common sense guidelines -ID Theft

RIAA, from the other side - Singer Courtney Love takes on record label profits, Napster and "sucka VCs."

Business Card Composer, intended at small business and home users, is tailored to fit their business and hobby related card needs. It allows to use the latest innovations of Mac OS X. Features include image masks, opacity and color graded fill options, shadow effects for text, an automatic background generator and more. Full integration with the OS X system functionality lets using data for cards from Apple Address Book. Go here for more info -



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April 2017 - For Your Information - “What you need to know about OSX/Dok malware”

March 2017 - For Your Information - “How to make your Apple iPad kid-friendly”

February 2017 - For Your Information - “Is it real or is it Amazon”

January 2017

All Mac Facts from January 1999 onward are in Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF). You'll need Preview (Mac OS X) or Acrobat Reader 4.0 or above.

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